Stay tuned!  I am completing a 2-year teacher training in Spinefulness. This is a radical re-education in how to stack our spines following the shape of our vertebrae and how to carry weight though our bones instead of through our muscles.

REvolutionary Posture! Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Introductory 2-hour Vine & Spine events will be held in Northampton, MA. They will include a slide show presentation and yummy snacks including grape juice and wine:

  • October 2018
  • November 2018
  • December 2018
  • January 2018.


The full Foundation Workshop (a 2-day workshop) will be held in our area in February 2019, taught by me and Jean Couch of The Balance Center in Palo Alto, CA.

Postural Information

Massage to soothe tired muscles is wonderful. Preventing your muscles from becoming chronically tired in the first place is even better!  Starting in February 2019, I will be teaching natural spinal posture workshops for you to learn how to reshape how you approach standing, sitting, bending, and walking using the human body’s natural alignment. The pioneer in this work is Noelle Perez-Christiaens, with her Aplomb Institute in Paris, France.  She studied the sitting, walking, standing, and bending styles of people in countries where there is little or no back pain.  She found that it looks a lot like the posture of infants and toddlers — which means that as we grow older, we learn habits of movement that take us away from our natural posture.  Relearning good habits of walking, standing, and sitting is absolutely possible, and can lead you out of chronic pain.  To relearn what we knew as toddlers — how nature designed our bodies to be used — we need to learn to move and sit in a way that allows our bodies to stack the bones of the skeleton to support us. When the bones are stacked properly, our muscles can relax, because they are no longer straining to hold you up against gravity These U.S. websites offer books and trainings on the insights and methods of the Aplombe Institute.

Jean Couch:  Balance
Jenn Sherer:  Spinefulness

Kathleen Porter:
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